2011 06'30

Yael, an aspiring film director, ambushes in an underground parking lot Mr. Grossman – the all-powerful chairman of the Film Fund. She is set to convince him to support her dream project, and she knows there’s only one way to do it…

Since it’s premiere in 2011, the film gained some cult following among students of film and indie filmmakers, was included in the Graduation Exam in film in Israeli high schools, and was adopted by Katriel Schori, the legendary chairman of the Israeli Film Fund, to present at his lectures about the work of the Fund.

Starring: Moni Moshonov, Debbie Levin
DOP: Elad Asulin
Edited by Sagi Bornstein
Music by Uri Kalian
Choreography and special effects by Dima Osmolovsky
Produced by Anat Ronco and Mysh