סוסי נייר

2015 25'

Forty years after he gave up on the love of his life in a cheap hotel room, Daniel returns there in a desperate attempt to relive the experience he denied. To his surprise, he discovers there Danny – a part of his younger self, left behind and stuck in the room all these years. The clash between them forces Daniel to face his suppressed feelings and find hope.
The film was nominated for the Israeli Film Academy Ophir Award.

Cast: Avi Pnini, Avi Matzliah, Iftach Raveh, Shahak Brenner, Shmulik Cohen
D.O.P. : Elad Asulin Editor: Vitali Krivich Music: Uri Kalian
Art: Hagar Brotman VFX: Denis Dvorin
Producers: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland
Production company: Green Productions
Written by: Michael “Mysh” Rozanov, Elad Asulin
Director: Michael “Mysh” Rozanov