KnessetMon – the Monsters from the Knesset

מפלצוני הכנסת

2012-2014 4X3'

A short animated web-series that transform Israeli politicians into Pokemon-like creatures who squabble for power in creepy, violent and hilarious ways. The series were created by Mysh and Mashko as an independent satirical project and gained a steady following in Israel.

Created and Designed by: Mysh
Directed by: Mysh and Mashko
Animation Supervision by: Oren Mashkovski
Layout by Mashko, Roy Manor, Oded Naaman, Anat Costi
Written by: Mysh, Mashko, Nadav Ben Simon and Gil Kalian
Cast: Mysh, Mashko, Uri Kalian and Talia Barkai as God
Animation: Oren Mashkovski, Roy Manor, Anat Costi, Daniel Sasson, Gad Yariv, Moran Lachman, Tom Appel
Music : Uri Kalian
Sound: Hed Gilboa, “SweetSound”

Watch all episodes-
Ep.1 “An Enemy to Count on” – above
Ep.2 “A Visionary Monster” >>
Ep.3 “Little God” >>
Ep.4″Election: The Musical”